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Weber 7443 18-1/2-Inch One-Touch Cleaning System Kit for Grills

by Weber Stephen Company- Accessories
List price: $17.51 Price: $17.39 Buy Now

  • Out of Carton Dimensions: 7.8 x 1.6 x .8
  • Fits 18.5-inch one-touch silver
  • Easily clean your grill

Product description

Save yourself the disassembling, scrubbing and scraping with the One-Touch Cleaning System. Kit contains 3 damper blades, damper control rod, H-drive assembly, thumb screw, washer, and instruction sheet. Fits 18.5-inch One-Touch Silver.

Grill Care 17436 Stainless Steel Grid Compatible with Weber Charcoal Grills, 22.5-inch

by Weber
Price: $18.99 Buy Now

  • Out of Carton Dimensions: 21.5 x 21.5 x 1.8 inches
  • Compatible with Weber 22.5 inch One-Touch Master-Touch 22.5 inch Bar-B-Kettle Performer.
  • Flip-up sides allow easy addition of briquettes

Product description

Weber accessories are made to provide the same durable performance as our grills, so grilling can be a success every time. Flip-up sides allow the easy addition of briquettes for indirect cooking. Replacement hinged cooking grates, are made of plated steel. Grates have curved handgrips that can hang from kettle handles. Fits 22-1/2-inch kettles.

Weber ONE-TOUCH GOLD 22.5 Inch Array

gl/LYxSZP The Weber One-Touch is arguably the most qualified charcoal grill on the planet. Assembling the Weber One T.

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Highlights: Material: Stainless steel 4mm stainless steel hinged grid with 5 year warranty Compatible with Weber 18.5" One-Touch 18.5" Bar-B-Kettle 17.5" diameter hinged grid Please note that a grid to fit an 18.5" grill has a nominal diameter of 17.5"


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inaugural run of my new Weber One Touch Gold grill my girls gave me for Christmas :-)
Photo by Robert S. Donovan on Flickr
Star of the day
Star of the day
Photo by vasile23 on Flickr
One Touch Cleaning Practice
One Touch Cleaning Practice
Blog Tack: Spring Cleaning Grill Workout
Photo by Another Pint Please... on Flickr
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... de/wp-fulfilled/uploads/2012/08/Weber-Grill-One-Touch-Premium-57-cm.jpg
Grill węglowy Weber One-Touch
Grill węglowy Weber One-Touch
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Weber-Grill-One-Touch-Novel-47-cm-Spring-Green-Set-mit-Zunder-Kohle ...
Weber-Grill-One-Touch-Novel-47-cm-Spring-Green-Set-mit-Zunder-Kohle ...
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  • realjimandrews @DeRushaJ I have the weber one touch gold and bent it. Cook's illustrated recommends the weber spirit for a gas grill.

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