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Yukon Glory 8267 Premium Grill Cover for Weber Charcoal Grills, 22.5-Inch & for Weber Jumbo Joe 22" (Compare to Weber 7149)

by Yukon Glory
Price: $29.99 Buy Now

  • Designed to fit Weber 22.5-Inch Charcoal Grills
  • Lightweight and tough grill cover, Made of premium vinyl fabric
  • Grill cover measures approximately 25.8 X 35 Inches

Product description

Nothing beats the fun of a backyard barbecue during the warmer months and a gas grill is a great investment for anyone who loves to entertain outdoors!


Nothing beats the intense flavor of freshly grilled food and a high quality grill is the perfect investment to take your parties to the next level. But keeping your grill in tip top shape is no easy task. Now with our durable, waterproof vinyl grill covers, grill maintenance has gotten that much easier!

About This Product:

- 100% Premium Vinyl Fabric

- Waterproof

- Form Fitted With Velcro Straps

- Color: Black

- 25.8 X 35 Inches

- Custom Designed To Fit Weber 741001, 1440100, Charcoal 22 Inch Grills, Kettle Grill, Original Kettle 22-Inch and Premium Charcoal Grill and other 22.5 Inch Grills.

Our grill covers are made from a premium, durably vinyl fabric that will protect your grill from everyday impact that could damage it. It is also 100% waterproof protecting your grill from the elements including rain, snow, tree pollen, pests, leaves and grit to provide all season protection and preserve the quality and flavor of your food.


Keep your grill in pristine condition under any circumstance! Our grill cover is comparable to the Weber 7149, and is custom designed to form fit the Weber Genesis Gas Grill. Our cover comes equipped with velcro straps to ensure that your grill cover stays securely in place no matter what external conditions it comes face to face with. For added peace of mind Yukon Glory is including a three year warranty to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase because we care about our customers.


Pick up a gas grill cover today for yourself today and get grilling!

Yukon Glory 8269 Premium Grill Cover for Weber-Stephen Q1000 / Q2000 Liquid Propane Grill (Compare to Weber 7113)

by Yukon Glory
Price: $29.99 Buy Now

  • Form fitted cover to fit securely onto your grill
  • Water resistant cover protects against rain, snow and other outdoor elements
  • Grill cover measures approximately 26.5 X 17 X 35 Inches

Product description

This Yukon Glory 8269 premium grill cover offers a combination of high quality materials and innovative features that protect your grill over many seasons.

Constructed of 100% heavy-duty vinyl fabric. This Yukon Glory grill cover is breathable and flexible to accommodate extremely cold weather it maintains the strength and durability that vinyl offers.

This durable cover is built to protect your grill from the elements all year long. Water-resistant and appropriate for all weather conditions, this smart black cover will fit snugly and securely as though it is custom made for your grill. The fabric is soft, allowing for easy placement, removal and storage.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a 2-year warranty. The natural environment presents various challenges for maintaining grill functionality and appearance.

Preserve the life of your grill with a deluxe grill cover from Yukon Glory. This cover fits Weber Q1000 / Q2000 Grills. Measurements: 26.5 X 17 X 35 inches

Smoking babyback ribs on Weber grill--the relaxed way

This vid shows how to barbeque backyback ribs to completion on a Weber charcoal grill. The process takes about 5 hours of cooking time because the ribs are b.

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I did have some Kingston briquettes formerly larboard, so we'll see how they compare to the Chinese briquettes.
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I be sure, that culture of grilling and food smoking is very important here in US, and I'd like to get the best of it, keeping the European traditions in the same time. Recently, I purchased the "Go anywhere" brief charcoal grille by Weber. It's free, compared to steam locomotive- sized monsters, with $500+ pricetag, but I don't need to feed tens of guests. Here you can see a warm-hearted of mix of American and Finnish methods of salmon smoking. I've used charcoal as fire initiator (I hate the petroleum catalysts because of awful scent) and coal pellets as might heat source. Then, I pre-heated the steel box with hickory chips (source of smoke) and put the wet cedar plank with raw salmon fillet and a couple pieces of rosemary on the other side. After ten minutes under the closed lid all things is ready to eat. This smoked fish has more complex smell than Finnish one, but it's much less fried than American. And, it's great with fresh blueberry.
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