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GS7528 Stainless Steel Cooking Grates Replacement For Weber Genesis E and S series gas grills Models, Set of 2

by BBQ funland
Price: $44.99 Buy Now

  • Fits Weber Genesis E and S series gas grills, Sold in pairs
  • Fits Glen Canyon Models : 720-0145-LP, 720-0145-NG; Jenn Air Models: Jenn Air 720-0336, Jenn Air 720-0163
  • Made of Stainless Steel ; Dimensions: 19 1/2" x 12 23/32" each cooking grate

Product description

GS528 BBQ Stainless Steel Cooking Grid For Weber Genesis E and S series gas grills, Set of 2. Dimensions: 12 23/32" x 19 1/2" each, or total 25 7/16" x 19 1/2"; Material: Stainless Steel. PLEASE NOTE: Double-check the dimensions of your existing grates before ordering.

onlyfire Stainless Steel Burner Tube Set Fits for Weber Genesis 300 Series Gas Grill (2007 Models Only), 34-1/4 Long

by Onlyfire
Price: $60.99 Buy Now

  • Replaces Original Part Numbers: Weber Part # 67722
  • Dimension:Burners measure 34 1/4" tip to tip. Crossover is 12 3/4" long.Front burner tube features the igniter mounting bracket
  • Material:stainless steel construction

Product description

Products Specification:
Puts out consistent, evenly-spread heat
Made of stainless steel for prolonged life expectancy
Allows grill temperature to be properly maintained
Burner Replacement parts fits for Weber 2008-2010 version Genesis 310 and 320 series grills
Fits for Weber Model Part Numbers: 3741001, 3741301, Genesis EP-310 LP, 3742301, 3751001, 3751301,Genesis EP-320,LP 3770001,3841001,3841001,Genesis E-310 NP, 3841301,Genesis EP-310 NG, 3851001, Genesis E-320 NG, 3870001, 3880001, Genesis EP-320 NG (2007), Genesis ESP-310 LP (2007), Genesis ESP-310 NG (2007), Genesis ESP-320 LP (2007), Genesis ESP-320 LP SS (2007), Genesis ESP-320 NG (2007), Genesis S-310 LP (2007), Genesis S-310 NG (2007),Genesis S-320 LP (2007), Genesis S-320 NG (2007) 
"AFTERMARKET" genuine replacement stainless burner tube set,Welcome OEM / ODM orders

BBQ Buying Tip #4 - Anatomy Of A Weber Grill

http://www. friendlyfires.

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