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【Upgraded】Victure Trail Camera 1080P 12MP Wildlife Camera Motion Activated Night Vision 20m with 2.4" LCD Display IP66 Waterproof Design for Wildlife Hunting and Home Security

by Victure
Price: $109.99 Buy Now

  • Other Excellent features - There are multi-recording modes, such as: Interval Recording, Time-Lapse, Timer, Password Protection, Time Stamp and Low Battery Alarm. 2.4" LCD screen allows you to view videos or pictures more clearly. 
  • DIMMED LEDs & INFRARED TECHNOLOGY - With fully automatic IR filter and 24 Pcs 940NM upgrading Infrared low-glow black LEDs, the scouting camera won't produce a bright flash that may scare the animals away during taking pictures.
  • HIGH QUALITY RESOLUTION - Game camera captures 12 MP crystal clear images and 1080P HD video. Brightly colored photos are captured during the daytime and black and white at night. It can takes up to 3 photos per detection. 

Product description

Victure Trail Game Camera is a wildlife and surveillance camera with PIR sensor. The sensor can detect sudden changes to the ambient temperature within an detection area. Hunting camera can be used to find animals, record moving objects, or even monitor the security of offices, families and public.

Victure offers 2 models of trail game cameras.
HC400 12MP 1080P 120°Wide Angle HIGH SENSITIVITY

Warm Tips:
1.SD card and batteries are NOT included in the package.
12 months warranty from date of purchase - if there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.

*Image Sensor: 5.0 mega pixels, 1/4" CMOS sensor
*Screen: 6.1cm(2.4''); 240(RGB)*320 DOT; 262K color
*Photo Resolution: 12M/8M/5M/3M/1M
*Video Resolution: 1920 x1080(30fps);1280 x 720(30fps); 848 x 480 (30fps); 640 x 480(30fps)
*Lens: f=3.1mm; F/NO=2.6; FOV=73°; Auto IR filter
*Effectiveness: Daytime: 1m-infintive; Night time: 3m-20m
*Storage Formats: Photo: JPEG; Video:AVI
*Recording Medium: Support SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB (not included)
*Water Resistant Level: IP protection class 66
*Triggering Distance: up to 20m
*Triggering Time: approx. 0.5 second
*IR Flash: 24 infrared LEDs for night shots (range 20m)
*Detection Angle of Sensors: 90°
*Connections: mini USB 2.0
*Power Supply: 4x or 8x batteries type LR6(AA); 4x or 8x NIMH Power supply batteries type LR6(AA) with low self discharge; External 6V power supply, at least 1.5A(not supplied)
*Standby Time: approx 6 months (with 8 batteries)
*Dimension: approx 136(H) x 97(B) x67(T) mm

Package Included
1x Hunting Camera
1x Mounting Belt
1x Wall Mount
1x USB Cable
1x Instruction Manual

Campark Trail Camera 1080P Hunting Cam 12MP 2.4" Color LCD Wildlife Game Scouting Digital Surveillance Camera with 75ft/23m Infrared Night Vision 42pcs IR LEDs IP56 Waterproof

by Campark
Price: $99.99 Buy Now

  • 【High Quality 1080P Video & 12MP Image】Campark Hunting Camera with high resolution ensure every details will be captured. Get clear colorful images and videos with sound during daytime, black&white images and videos with sound at night.
  • 【42pcs Low Glow Infrared LEDs】Built-in 42pcs Low Glow Black Infrared LEDs and fully automatic IR filter can achieve max 75ft/22m night vision range.
  • 【Various Functions & IP56 Waterproof Level】3 Multi-shot, Interval, Time lapse, Motion detection, Timer-shot, Time stamp, Photo + Video Recording. Besides , with IP56 Waterproof housing ensures durability in raining condition. What's more, Excellent Campark service team provides professional 24-hour after-sales services on Amazon.

Product description

New version of Campark Hunting Camera: Super fast trigger times, 120 ° Wide angle,Waterproof, The quality of the images and videos are very good in day and night.
It's not just a game camera, Trail Camera, Hunting Camera or Wildlife Camera Trap, this device can also be used extensively for video surveillance in remote areas where connection to the power grid is not possible.
Specification :
LCD Display: 2.4 TFT Color LCD
Image sensor: 5 Mega Pixels Color CMOS
Video Resolution : 1920*1080; 1280*720; 720*480; 320*240
Photo Resolution: 12M; 8M; 5M; 3M; 1M
Video length: 1-60seconds / 1-10 minutes
File Format: JPEG/AVI
PIR Sensing Angle: 120 degree(Wide Angle)
Viewing angle :120 degree
Lens: F2.5=3.6mm
Waterproof Level : IP56
Triggering Time: approx. 0.8 second
Storage : Micro SD Card Up to 32GB (not included)
Power Supply: 1.5V 8*AA battery
Standby time: approx. 8 months (with 8 batteries)
USB Connection: USB 2.0
Language : English, French, German, Spanish, Italy, Portuguese/Chinese
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac10.2
Package Included
1x Hunting Camera
1xMounting Rope
1xUSB Cable
1xInstruction Manual

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with a cellphone video camera were arrested after the ex-girlfriend of one of the suspects went to police, authorities said Wednesday. The victim and the suspects shared a home in Atwater, where they were drinking on Saturday when an argument

trail cam for security?

a little home security idea that I have been useing for a while now.


New York Game & Fish

New York Game & Fish



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Game Camera, IP66 Waterproof 12MP 1080PHD Low Glow Black Infrared Trail Cam
Game Camera, IP66 Waterproof 12MP 1080PHD Low Glow Black Infrared Trail Cam


Game Camera, IP66 Waterproof 12MP 1080PHD Low Glow Black Infrared Trail Cam for Night Vision Hunting Wildlife Monitor Protect Surveillance 1. 0.2s Trigger Time. Provide you faster trigger speed within 0.5s (compared to 0.7s or 0.6s). If you enable the side PIR function, the trigger time will narrow down to 0.2s, capturing the thrill moment quickly and never miss any shot. 2. Low Glow Infrared Technology. The game camera equipped with 42 black LEDs and it will not produce a bright flash that may spook the animals away when taking pictures. IP66 waterproof design makes it ideal for any outdoor applications, including home security, wildlife monitoring, surveillance and scouting game. 3. High Quality Shooting. Capture highre solution images up to 12MP (black and white at night) and 1080P HD video with clear sound recording. The video length can range from 10s to 3 minutes. Multishot modes available, up to 9 photos per detection. 4.High Sensitivity. Motion detection: center 40 Degree, side 30 Degree, all three sensors 120 Degree. Trigger distance up to 15m (48ft); IR flash effective to 20 meters (65 feet). Support SD/SDHC memory card up to 32GB. 5.Easy to Navigate. An impressive 2.4 Inch LCD screen for showing battery life, viewing recorded videos and images, personalizing your own setting etc. Every picture will show time and date on the top right corner and the bottom for easy viewing. Up to 6 Months Long battery life with 8AA batteries. Backed by 12-month warranty and professional after-sale service within 24hrs. This game camera is designed to take photos and videos of wildlife, observing wildlife area remotely. Identify the movement patterns of wildlife and get more fun. You also can use it as a surveillance system for security. Impressively Fast Trigger Speed, Amazingly Wide Trigger Distance Trigger speed is very important to a game cam now that you want to capture the very moment at first time. We tried a lot to shorten the trigger and finally found that side PIR


Game Camera, IP66 Waterproof 12MP 1080PHD Low Glow Black Infrared Trail Cam
Game Camera, IP66 Waterproof 12MP 1080PHD Low Glow Black Infrared Trail Cam


This game camera is designed to take photos and videos of wildlife, observing wildlife area remotely. Identify the movement patterns of wildlife and get more fun. You also can use it as a surveillance system for security. Impressively Fast Trigger Speed, Amazingly Wide Trigger Distance Trigger speed is very important to a game cam now that you want to capture the very moment at first time. We tried a lot to shorten the trigger and finally found that side PIR technology functions better. If you enable the function of side PIR, the trigger time is only 0.2s.If not, it is about 0.5s, faster than others (0.7s or 0.6s) Mountit Easily, Capture Any Area You Prefer Come with a very durable strap so you can mount it around a tree trunk. It also comes with an adjustable metal mounting disk that can be used to mount on other surfaces, like the outside of your home for security purpose. Designed for Long Time Outdoor Use IP66 waterproof design, it is perfect for any outdoor applications. Up to 6 months battery life with 8 AA batteries, you can shoot high quality pictures and video for a long period. Top-notch quality material and the two lock mechanism ensure its durability. There are so many options, why Choose Us l All Our Products are Produced under Strict Quality Inspection l 12-Month Worry-Free Warranty and Free Life-time Technical Support l Professional After-Sales Team to Make Things Right within 24hrs. PackageIncluded: 1* Game Camera 1* Mounting Strap 1* Wall mount 1* USB Cable 1* Video Cable 1* User Manual


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TX thieves left "crumbs" for police - 09/09/15, via Live 5 WCSC

Rios and his family came home from a reunion to find ... They're on their trail." Investigators are working with the nearby Subway to get a better image of the suspects from the security cameras inside the restaurant.

They’re Dumb’: How a Pair of Burglars Are Helping Police Find Them - 09/08/15, via The Blaze

A pair of “dumb” burglars left something behind that has police hot on their trail. Home surveillance camera caught the two thieves breaking ... a better image of the suspects via the store’s security system. Rios added, “Think about what you ...

APD arrests suspect in string of north-side break-ins - 09/07/15, via Athens News

... the installation and use of a home security system,” he said, asking that residents ensure all home alarms are registered with APD. Lastly, Pyle strongly recommended the use of covert trail cameras or similar video type systems placed at opposite ...


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This sign caught my eye right as I was starting my drive down Apache/Main in Mesa. It wasn't until after I looked at it for a while on my computer screen that I figured out what kind of store it was... Some people love to plan the perfect picture and execute. I like to plan the perfect random process and get surprised by what emerges. When I started digging into this picture I found all sorts of fun things, which I have annotated above. (Explore)
Photo by kevin dooley on Flickr
The memorial temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Dayr Al Bahari cirque - Luxor Egypt
The memorial temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Dayr Al Bahari cirque - Luxor Egypt
My driver Jellae (I just love being able to say that: ‘my driver’ - “I’ll have MY DRIVER come ‘round and pick you up. Is nine o’clock good? We’ll go to the club from there. Tee time is 9:30 sharp”) anyway my driver was now finally convinced that I had lost it. After watching me climb up to the top of the first pylon (wall) at The Ramesseum the previous day, lay in the dirt with my camera, and wander off unattended on numerous occasions into the bowels of these temples, now this crazy American was asking to be driven over to Hatshepsut’s temple at 4 in the morning “to go mountain climbing”!? “Mister Cam-a-doon are you sure you want to do this?” he asked prodding, somewhat concerned for my safety but also wondering just what the hell I was going to do up on a mountain, alone, in the dark. “I’m fine Jellae, this is why I came to Egypt in the first place.” He wasn’t a color junkie; I couldn’t explain this to him. I was focused, prepared and in shape, after all this was ‘only’ a 600...
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Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: main hall panorama
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: main hall panorama
See more photos of this, and the Wikipedia article. Details, quoting from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | _details_pending_:
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Covert MP6 Trail Camera Security Box
Covert MP6 Trail Camera Security Box