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MAGICYOYO 20 yoyo Strings 100% Polyester MAGICYOYO YoYo Strings

by Shenzhen TND Elc Co.,Ltd
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  • Length: 43.3 inches (110 cm)
  • One pack of 20 MAGICYOYO high quality replacement yoyo strings
  • Made from 100% Polyester Yo-yo Strings

Product description

MAGICYOYO is a yoyo brand belong to ShenzhenTND Elec co.,ltd (Part of GT Int Group),
a toy manufacturing professional in xhand area. Established in the year 2004, now having
had about 7 years toy experience, we can assure you best services, superior quality and
we're major in professional yoyo with aluminum body. In the year 2006, we get our own
brand "TND" , "Ghost Hand","MAGICYOYO".we have decided to develop our own designs
under our brand with the hope to provide better products to satisfy the market's needs.

Product description

The easy step by step diagrams allow you to create knitting patterns to individual measurements. The patterns have been designed to use in the pattern or garment shaping attachment on your knitting machine where an outline is followed to shape the garment. The patterns can be created in half or full size depending on your attachment.