Why Walmart Is Bad For The Economy

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The New Yorker

Defunding Climate Change 10/02/15, via The New Yorker

The high-profile announcement was part of the seventh annual Climate Week N.Y.C., organized by the Climate Group, which aims to create both economic coöperation and political momentum on the environment. Many of the Several Fortune 500 companies

Journal and Courier

Boom or bust for Wabash Landing? 10/02/15, via Journal and Courier

Bad design. The exodus was by design, owner Jimmy Curtis said. “(Wabash Landing) was a bad design from the get-go,” he said. “The retail area doesn't work to the east of the walkway or even under the apartments. “We're trying to make lemonade out of

Struggling to Get by in the Walmart Economy


Even if you don't work or shop at Walmart, you're living in the Walmart economy. Walmart workers are leading the movement to change it. Join us at: www.


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Ol Economics – The proper response. - 10/02/15, via Thy Black Man

John Crawford was killed in a Walmart for holding a BB gun, 12 year-old Tamir Rice was killed in two seconds for holding a toy gun, Eric Garner was choked to death on national and TV for saying “Why do you ... and our big bad NAACP tells us to take ...

Why Trump Is Wrong About China, China, China - 10/01/15, via The Huffington Post

It's easy to see why we fear China's economic might. Take a walk down the aisle of your local Walmart and just about everything appears ... It's not a matter of a few bad actors, as the authorities would have us believe. China's manufacturing and ...

Decide what we want from health care: Letters - 10/01/15, via The Vancouver Sun

Why is nothing available in the new Kaye Edmonton Clinic ... she was upset about a note that had been left on her windshield. She’d driven to the Walmart in Abbottsfield on Sunday afternoon, and upon returning to her vehicle found a note written ...


  1. Why is Walmart so bad for the economy? | Yahoo Answers Is there something I'm missing here? I just don't get why Walmart is so bad in comparison to other stores? ... Walmart is not actually bad for the economy.
  2. Why Wal-Mart’s bad news could be good news for the economy “Where are all the customers? And where’s their money?” asked Cameron Geiger, a Wal-Mart senior vice president, in e-mails obtained by Bloomberg News ...
  3. How is Wal-Mart bad for the economy? | Yahoo Answers How is Wal-Mart bad for the economy? ... You hear a lot of bad reasoning and bad economic thinking on the topic of Walmart ... except why blame Walmart for ...
Big box sucks
Big box sucks
Avoid big box malls! They're bad for local business and employment, often using poor labour practices and illegal "predatory pricing". They also increase dependency on cars, increase urban sprawl and congestion, and are bad for pedestrians, cyclists, seniors and public transit. They transfer hidden costs from the store onto the consumer and community. The result is that products seem cheaper – but we all end up paying in other ways. The good news: there are much better altenatives – and people in smart communities are achieving them. In the links below you'll find information on how and why to fight big box developments, and examples of communities that have successfully blocked them. What's wrong with big box malls? What are the alternatives? www.bbc.guelph.org/page7.html www.not-there.ca/ www.sprawl-busters.com www.sprawlwatch.org/superstore.html www.big-box.com www.preservationnation.org/issues/smart-growth/additional... www.ptvermont.org/commentary/big_box.htm...
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THIS IS JUST ONE OF THE REASONS CALIFORNIA IS VERY SOON GONNA BE ASKING THE FEDS FOR A MASSIVE STATE BAILOUT........... (TELL YOUR REPS TO VOTE NO) EVERYBODY OUT HERE IN MEXIFORNIA SHOULD READ THIS ......THEY WON'T OF COURSE..... BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO WATCH ORCHA ON THE TELEVISION GIVING AWAY FREE SHIT AND THEY HAVE TO GO TO WALMART AND PICK UP SOME MORE CHEAP CHINESE CRAP AND SOME WON-TON SOUP WITH TOFU MEAT FILLING TO STUFF IN THEIR PIE HOLES TONIGHT USING THEIR WELFARE DEBIT CARDS =============================================================================== HERE'S A HOT FLASH FOR YOU NIMRODS OUT HERE BUSINESS IS FLEEING CALIFORNIA IN DROVES So far this year, 69 companies have moved all or part of their California work and jobs to other states or countries, reports Irvine relocation consultant Joe Vranich. It's the fastest rate of departures since Vranich started tracking the exodus in 2009, he says. There have been an average of 4.7 moves per week from Jan. 1 through...
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... WalMart list at DMOZ for more than two dozen anti-WalMart sites. Very
... WalMart list at DMOZ for more than two dozen anti-WalMart sites. Very
friends to help spread the word that walmart s business model is bad ...
friends to help spread the word that walmart s business model is bad ...
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Why is Wal-Mart bad for the economy, the American consumer and the ...
Why is Wal-Mart bad for the economy, the American consumer and the ...
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