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by ProMotoring
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  • Model: MK7 Golf/GTI
  • Make: VW
  • See product description below for additional information!

Product description

  • Brand new 100% genuine OEM VW Euroswitch w/ brushed silver knob!
  • What does a Euroswitch do? It allows independent control of your:
    • City Lights
    • City Lights + Front Fogs
    • City Lights + Front Fogs + Rear Fogs (if you have it)
    • Main Beam Lights
    • Main Beam Lights + Front Fogs
    • Main Beam Lights + Front Fogs + Rear Fogs (if you have it)
  • Please note that this switch will not disable your DRLs! You will need to code your vehicle with VCDS in order to disable them.
  • Please note that the Auto feature will only work on models that have the Auto feature stock, or have been retrofitted with the feature. If you don't have the Auto feature, this switch will still work, only the AUTO position will not do anything.
  • Watch out for other sellers with fake switches! They use cheap circuit boards that do not last, or illuminate the wrong color! Don't risk the headache - buy real OEM!
  • Easy install! So easy, we'll tell you right here! We don't know what other sellers are trying to hide:
    1. To remove your stock switch - With the switch in the OFF(0) position, Press IN firmly on the switch as deep as you can, hold it down and turn it clockwise. The knob will lock into place. Now you can pull the knob towards you and it will slide out. Simple eh?
    2. Installation of the Euroswitch - Unclip the wiring from the stock switch and plug it in on the new one. Then, just put it back the same way you removed it. Done!
    3. It's ridiculous that other sellers try to hide this info. And guess what, now that we posted this up, every other seller is going to copy our knowledge and instructions and pretend they know VWs.

Viogi 1pc ABS Plastic Chrome Main Upper Honeycomb Style Grille w/ GTI Emblem For 10-13 VW Golf/GTI MK6 & 11-14 VW Jetta MK6 Sportwagen/Wagon

Price: $51.99 Buy Now

  • Item-offered: 1 Piece ABS Plastic Honeycomb Style Grille With Chrome Trim & GTI Emblem (VW Emblem Is Not Included,You May Reuse Your Original One)
  • Position: For Main Upper/Hood Opening
  • Color: Black With Chrome Trim

Product description

2010-2013 Volkswagen Golf/GTI MK6 Only
2011-2014 Volkswagen Jetta MK6 Sportwagen/Wagon Only (Not Fit Sedan Model)

1 Piece ABS Plastic Honeycomb Style Grille With Chrome Trim & GTI Emblem (VW Emblem Is Not Included,You May Reuse Your Original One)

Honeycomb Mesh Style

For Main Upper/Hood Opening

Strong ABS Plastic Construction (Not Cheap Fiberglass)

Black With Chrome Trim

Direct Bolt-on Replacement.No Modification Required

* 100% brand new in factory original package.
* Custom fit application for each car.Easy to install.
* Made of high quality ABS plastic with light weight and durability.
* An excellent replacement of your old fashion stock grille, which gives your car a unique sport look in the crowd.
* Professional installation is always recommended.
* The product is manufactured in ISO 9000 / ISO 9001 / ISO 9002 certified facilitie.100% mechanically tested prior to leaving the factory ensures optimal performance and enhanced durability

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Old vs New: VW Golf GTI MkI vs VW Golf GTI MkVII 09/30/15, via AutoExpress

The Mk1 Golf GTI crossed the line first, taking 19.7 seconds to complete the quarter mile. The Mk7 took 18.2 seconds to cover the distance, but with the 3.5 second head start it couldn't quite catch up. Because the older car is so much lighter, the new


VW Golf GTI Clubsport makes public debut 09/16/15, via AutoExpress

After confirming it would happen earlier this year, VW has revealed the new Golf GTI Clubsport in full at the Frankfurt Motor Show, priced from around £28,000. It's tipped for production at the start of 2016, and will sit just underneath the 296bhp

2015 VW Golf GTI Test Drive & Review


The All New 2015 VW Golf GTI is finally here and Steve takes us on an in-depth tour of this 7th Generation “Boxelicious” Hatchback. There's more to enjoy inside.


Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd 2009

ISBN 9781845841881,1845841883
64 pages


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Krator Brake Taillight Flasher Rear Alert Back Off Light For Nissan / Volkswagen Beetle Bora Golf GTI Jetta.
Krator Brake Taillight Flasher Rear Alert Back Off Light For Nissan / Volkswagen Beetle Bora Golf GTI Jetta.

Everything Else

Here's how it works: Each time the brakes are applied, your brake light will rapidly flash on & off 4 times, slow flash 4 times, and then solid until you release the brake. The preprogrammed cycle will start over and repeat each time the brakes are reapplied. Features: Brake Light Flasher Safety Module This will alert the traffic behind you to STOP! Prevent Rear-End Collision and May Save Your Life! Specifications: Input Voltage: 12-16V Output: 12V Rated Input Current: 0.8A to 1.2A Rated Power: 10W to 15W Working Temperature: -40 to 50 Degrees Celsius Storage Temperature: -50 to 80 Degrees Celsius Material: High Quality ABS Plastic Condition: 100% Brand New Installation: Compatible with regular brake lights and LED clusters One module converts one brake light, for left and right side brake lights use two modules Dimensions: 5cm L x 2.5cm W x 1.5cm H Wiring: Black = Negative Wire (-) Red = Postive Wire (+) Package Includes: 1x Dyna Flash? Brake Light Flasher Module 1x 3M Tape Instructions not includedFitment: Nissan / Volkswagen Beetle Bora Golf GTI Jetta


NEW STARTER MOTOR 04 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI R32 3.2L 0-001-125-019 0-001-125-018
NEW STARTER MOTOR 04 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI R32 3.2L 0-001-125-019 0-001-125-018

Everything Else

Applications: VW Transporteur 1.9L TDI 2003AUDI TT COUPE / QUATTRO 01-00 1.8L w/AT, 2.0kwVOLKSWAGEN GOLF 06-01 1.8L Opt, 2.0kwVOLKSWAGEN JETTA 05-01 1.8L Opt, 2.0kwVOLKSWAGEN JETTA 04-02 2.8L w/MT, Bosch UnitVOLKSWAGEN GOLF 05-03 2.8L Bosch Unit, w/MTVOLKSWAGEN GOLF 04 3.2L Bosch Unit Replaces Part Numbers: BOSCH 0-001-125-018, 0-001-125-019, 0-001-125-048, 0-001-125-049VALEO 438152, D7RS150, D7RS50, 458167, 190390, 191656VOLKSWAGEN 02M-911-023C, 02M-911-023D, 02M-911-023R, 02M-911-023A, 02M-911-023F, 02M911023QOEM: Bosch, Volkswagen, AudiType: PMGRVoltage:12 VoltskW:2 kWRotation: CCWTeeth/Splines:10 Teeth/SplinesPinion/Splines OD:26.5mm / 1.043inMounting Hole 1:12mm ID UnthreadedMounting Hole 2:12mm ID UnthreadedNew or Remanufactured: NEWApproximate Weight:9.2 lbs / 4.18 kg


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Local Vehicle with a CLEAN CARPROOF!! GREAT CONDITION!! This 2008 VW GTI just arrived! It features the 2.0L turbo charged TSI engine mated to VWs signature buttery 6-speed automatic transmission. Inside it comes with tons of luxurious features - heated ...

Shed Of The Week: Volkswagen Golf GTI - 10/02/15, via Pistonheads

You've got to feel a bit sorry for Volkswagen. There was going to be a slightly dodgy joke here about the winds of despair whistling around a lady's lower area, but it turns out VAG hasn't been VAG for the last 20 years so we won't do that one. Thing is ...

Volkswagen Canada Sales Results for September - 10/01/15, via Financial Content

Sales of the Golf family, including the Golf Hatchback, Golf Sportwagon, Golf GTI and Golf R totaled 1,436. Volkswagen sales by model line for the month of September 2015 ...


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Stefano's Golf Mk4
Stefano's Golf Mk4
Photo by StormerDesign on Flickr
Volkswagen Golf GTI VI
Volkswagen Golf GTI VI
Sesimbra, Portugal
Photo by pedrosimoes7 on Flickr
my first Golf GTi, purchased in 1982, and the best of the 5 I have had. Taken at Aberdeen.
Photo by bob the lomond on Flickr
Volkswagen Golf GTI W12
Volkswagen Golf GTI W12
Golf GTI digital drawing painting sketch Art by aykutdesign
Golf GTI digital drawing painting sketch Art by aykutdesign
VW Golf GTI Adidas Special Unveiled, Goes on Sale in the U.S., Europe ...
VW Golf GTI Adidas Special Unveiled, Goes on Sale in the U.S., Europe ...
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