Re Welding Stainless

1/8” ZENA NO-Gas Stainless to Stainless to All Super Strength Arc Welding Rods

by ZENA, Incorporated
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  • Typical Apps: - Horizontal fillet welds in all grades of construction steels. - Welding every know grade of tool steel including pre-hardened types. - Joining abrasion resistant steels, Hadfield and other austenitic manganese steels. - Joining heat and corrosion resisting steels. - Mending specialized iron-base castings with high carbon contents. - Repairing and fabricating all types of tools and dies
  • Suitable for welding ALL steels. - This rod is the absolute ultimate computer engineered, high alloy electrode for welding every known grade of steel using every known stick electrode power source! --- This is the first truly AC-DC mineral-coated high alloy rod that can be used by anyone regardless of prior welding experience. -- The key is an arc so ionized that you cannot short it out!
  • You can use these special stainless steel welding rods for: - joining stainless to other types of steel (including spring steel); OR - joining all types of dissimilar steel; OR - for increasing corrosion resistance; OR - to produce exceptionally strong, low distortion welds at low welding temps.

Product description

Highly versatile arc welding rods with an engineered deposit chemistry that offers superior crack resistance and performance when joining dissimilar steels. -- High chromium, nickel alloy for use with AC or DC reverse polarity in all positions. - Weld deposits of exceptional strength (almost 2X of average rod). -- Tensile Strength 128,000 psi (880 N/mm2) (Work Hardened 90,000 psi / 630 N/mm2) -- Yield Strength 90,000 psi (630 N/mm2) -- Elongation 32% -- Reduction of area 32% -- Hardness Brinell 225 - Weld with: - DC reverse (electrode positive) or AC -- Recommended Amps: Min 60 Max 110 -- Maintains strength and corrosion resistance at high and low temps. - Balanced metallurgical structure produces high crack resistance under toughest welding conditions and service apps. - Good wear resistance, overlays take a high polish, and it's one of the best materials for welding dissimilar metals. - Welds at very low amperages, reducing distortion, base metal dilution - and its low heat input keeps thermal stresses in joints at a minimum. -- Special flux formula eliminates slag interference in horizontal fillets and produces slag designed to turn to powder - making these electrodes ideal for stud pull applications. -- Recommended Techniques: - Clean weld area to be free of rust, grease, paint, or other materials which can cause weld contamination. - NOT necessary to grind flame cut edges. - Adjust amperage to recommended range for electrode size. - Tilt electrode 15 degrees in the direction of travel. - Maintain a short arc length and use stringer beads. - For rapid filleting, raise amperage slightly and drag weld inclining the electrode 45 degrees in the direction of travel. - Back whip craters and remove slag between passes. - A 90 degree V-joint should be used when joining heavy sections. - Upon cooling, slag can easily be removed by light chipping and brushing. - Use Flat, Horizontal, Vertical Up, and Overhead Positions.