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Dr.Fish 20 Counts Fishing Ball Bearing Swivel with Coastlock Snap Size 6+6 132lb, Welded Ring, Saltwater Standard High Strength,100% Copper & Stainless Steel with Black Nickle Coated

by Dr.Fish
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  • RELIABLE. Excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and shock resistance. Approved for using in saltwater, high speed trolling, jigging, offshore fishing. Small size would work great for freshwater like bass fishing.
  • RIGGED IN SECONDS. Quick lock-open design, change leaders or lures in seconds.
  • #6+6| LB.test 132lb | Total Length: 2-1/2"(65mm) | 20 Count

Product description

No much words need to emphasize how good ball bearing swivel is, anglers just lover them. With stainless steel balls loaded, they rotate without any limit and keep lines from twisting. The snap help you changing lures in seconds even without re-tie.
- Ball bearing swivel made of Copper Body with stainless steel welding ring
- Stainless steel balls loaded for smooth action
- High strength and durability
- Easy and quick lock-open design
- Excellent Corrosion-Resistant Ability

#0+0| LB.test 26Lb | Total Length: 1-1/16"(28mm)
#1+1| LB.test 31Lb | Total Length: 1-1/8"(30mm)
#2+2| LB.test 46lb | Total Length: 1-3/8"(35mm)
#4+4| LB.test 92lb | Total Length: 1-7/8"(49mm)
#5+5| LB.test 126lb | Total Length: 2-1/4"£¨50mm)
#6+6| LB.test 132lb | Total Length: 2-1/2"(65mm)
#8+8| LB.test 275lb | Total Length: 3-1/3"(84mm)
#10+10| LB.test 503lb | Total Length: 3-9/10"(100mm)

Warm Tips
Size 0+0, means size 0 ball bearing swivel connects to size 0 coastlock snap, and so on.

60X Magnifying Loupe Jewelry Jewelers Pocket Magnifier Loop Eye Coins Led Light

by China
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  • The mini microscope for look at leaves, freckles, insects and hallmarks that magnifies 60x.
  • Includes a special LED light designed for hallmark verification and a regular LED light.
  • Brand new and high quality.

Product description

60X Zoom LED Microscope Micro Lens New Silver This magnificent microscope magnifies things to 60 times their original size, giving you an in depth look at leaves, freckles, insects and hallmarks on your jewellery.

Magnaflow Performance Exhaust 10415 Stainless Steel Muffler L ALL
Magnaflow Performance Exhaust 10415 Stainless Steel Muffler L ALL

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Muffler Stainless Steel Muffler Stainless Steel Muffler; 4 in. Round Body; 2.25 in. Inlet/Outlet; Center Inlet/Center Outlet; 2.5 in. Core; 14 in. Body/20 in. Overall Length; Satin; FEATURES: Reversible For Custom Installation For Cars; Trucks and SUVs Straight-Through; Wide Open Design Great Sound -Has A Smooth; Deep Tone 100% Stainless Steel Construction All Welded/Built To Last Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust got its start as a natural extension of Car Sound Exhaust Systems, Inc, our parent company, that specializes in superior catalytic converter technology. Car Sound Exhaust Systems, Inc. has spent 25 years earning a reputation as a market leader around the world. Today, we at Car Sound/MagnaFlow are extremely proud of this and stake our 25 years of experience and reputation on each and every one of our products. Each new product we develop is personally evaluated by me and tested by our team of designers and engineers, then field tested to ensure that these products meet our stringent quality and performance standards. On May 18, 2000 Car Sound/MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust was awarded the ISO-9001 certificate. ISO-9001 is an international quality standard created by the International Organization for Standardization to define quality management and manufacturing systems. It has 20 specific design, material, and process requirements that help MagnaFlow/Car Sound ensure customer satisfaction with our products and services. ISO-9001 certified companies are re-audited every six months to ensure that quality standards are maintained. Together, we stand united in our passion to deliver the best performing, most durable and capable exhaust components in the world. As we go forward, you'll slowly start to witness a change as we segue fully into the MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust brand identity, a name that has achieved global recognition. This change will simply help people from both sides


Westin 31-5270 E-Series Bull Bar Stainless Steel
Westin 31-5270 E-Series Bull Bar Stainless Steel

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Bull Bar E-Series Bull Bar E-Series Bull Bar; 3 in. Dia.; Polished Stainless Steel; FEATURES: Mount Kit Included Made Of 3 in. Diameter Stainless Steel Tubing Black Bull Bar Comes With Removable Textured Black Skid Plate Stainless Steel Bull Bar Comes w/Removable Brushed Skid Plate 2 Light Mounting Points On The Top Of Center Bar 20 in. LED Light Mounting Brackets Sold Separately License Plate Re-locator Sold Separately Fully Welded Cross Tube Westin Automotive Products, Incorporated is a manufacturer of premium quality truck and SUV accessories. We sell directly to reputable warehouse distributors and chain retailers, who in turn provide the best service to consumers, offering the widest selection of inventory and quick delivery. It is the Mission of Westin Automotive Products, Inc. to provide its customers with high demand products through the promotion of sales. Marketing programs that build brand awareness and customer loyalty support this promotion all the while maintaining the product quality that earned us our place in the industry. Today there are many choices available from a wide variety of suppliers and we know the decision making process is becoming all the more confusing. In fact, during meeting, we are often asked What makes Westin different from all the other competitors in the truck accessory market? or more simply put; Why Westin? In order to answer this question we would like you to consider the following: Over 33 years; The most complete line of Step-Up products in the broadest range of materials; Over 8 styles of Grille Guards to choose from; Consumer and Trade advertising; Authorized Dealer Program; Email Broadcasts Competitively priced products and programs; A proven record of consistent fill rates of over 90%. THATS WHY!