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Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 [Download]

by Screenplay Systems, Inc. dba Write Brothers, Inc.-158991-158991
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  • Free technical support by phone, fax, email, and web
  • For screenplays, sitcoms, stage plays, musicals, graphic novels, comic book scripts, animation scripts, radio plays, with professional movie and video production features
  • An Industry leader used by top professional Hollywood directors, screenwriters, novelists, movie studios, television productions, and preferred file format of the Writers Guild of America, West Online Script Registration

Product description

Award-winning Movie Magic Screenwriter is unsurpassed in features and flexibility. Movie Magic Screenwriter is an industry best-selling scriptwriting program and the choice of Hollywood professionals. Screenwriter automatically formats while you write so you can focus on what you're writing, not where it goes on the page. Whether you write novels, plays, movies, sitcoms, comic book scripts, or musicals, you've got an all in one package for any story you want to write. With a massive set of features designed to make the rewriting process fast and simple you can get from FADE IN: to FADE OUT effortlessly. Integrated outlining, online collaboration, the ability to compare drafts of screenplays and the most comprehensive production features of any screenwriting software all make Movie Magic Screenwriter the clear choice for getting your stories from concept to screen. From Write Brothers, the only company to receive an Academy Technical Achievement Award for scriptwriting software.

System Requirements:
  • Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000]
  • Processor:   Pentium 300Mhz or greater
  • RAM:   512 MB
  • Hard Disk:   60 MB
  • Video Card:   8MB or greater recommended for Full Page View
  • Additional Requirements:   Network installation not supported

Recommended System Requirements:
  • Recommended Processor:   Pentium 1Ghz

Kid's Typing Bundle: Mickey’s Typing Adventure with Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5 [Amazon Exclusive]

by Individual Software
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  • Includes the #1 best-selling Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum - Ideal for ages 8-11
  • Meets National Technology Standards (NETS/ISTE) & Common Core
  • Plus Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure - Motivates young children ages 5-7 to learn to type

Product description

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum

The Exciting Way for Kids to Learn to Type!

Kids learn to type on an exciting adventure on Typer Island. They learn all keyboard basics following an age-appropriate Typing Plan. Step-by-step lessons, challenges, tests, and games motivate kids to keep typing their way around the Island to reach the Castle, advance to the Lost City, and become touch-typists! Kids can learn in English or Spanish.

Typing Instructor is designed to teach young children to type with just the right mixture of education, entertainment, and motivation. Kids learn to type by choosing one of ten age-appropriate Typing Plans for specific age groups, beginning with age 7. Kids can improve their typing skills quickly and see immediate results. There are a variety of ways to practice typing, with games, lessons, drills, advanced skill-building lessons and challenges, plus 40 engaging Practice Stories.

Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure

Starring Mickey Mouse & Friends!

Kids get to be the hero and rescue Mickey Mouse and friends from a mysterious enchantment in Typelandia. They learn all the keys on the keyboard as they type around Typelandia and free characters from the enchantment on their way to the Palace to free Mickey’s friends from a strange enchantment and become the Hero! Once they reach the Palace, they enjoy more activities and typing games. Animations with your Favorite Disney Characters!

Kids are rewarded every step of the way as they progress in their Typing Course. Typelandia is full of exciting animations of Mickey Mouse and friends that come alive as kids increase their keyboarding skills. They will be delighted with Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Daisy in the Garden, Donald at the Cottage, Minnie at the Wishing Well, Pluto at the Big Tree, Goofy at the Mine, and more!

Both Typing Products Include these Features:

Customized Typing Courses & Plans Choose from over 10 customized Typing Courses or Plans for specific ages and skill levels. • Learning the Home Row • Home Row and Upper Row • Home Row and Lower Row • Ages 7-8 • Ages 9-10 • Games Course/Plan • Skill Building Course/Plan • Suggested Typing Course/Plan (no games) • Suggested Typing Course/Plan • Numeric Keypad Course/Plan Lessons • Structured • 160 Lessons • Proven methods for skill-building • Age-appropriate content • Guide hands for all keyboards Typing Challenges There are hundreds of challenges that measure speed and accuracy. Results are provided for adjusted words per minute, based on both typing accuracy and speed. • Exciting Typing Games • Advanced challenges • Proficiency challenges • Advancement level challenges Progress and Results • Instantly tracks results • Word Per Minute (WPM) scores and accuracy percentages • Performance assessment for key, finger, hand, and row • Results calculated from all activities • Color progress charts and graphs • Printable results Motivational Practice Activities • Practice how to type and ergonomics • Practice games in the Arcade • Practice typing passages from classic stories and children’s literature • Advanced skill-building lessons and challenges

Games Provide Fun Ways for Kids to Practice Typing

Kids can play exciting and challenging typing games in a variety of ways by selecting options from the drop down menu. This includes words per minute (WPM), and level of difficulty. Kids score points on all game activities which motivates them to achieve a high game score. Certificates of Achievement Kids can print a certificate of achievement to show they have successfully become a Touch Typist! Coloring Pages of Favorite Characters Kids can print a coloring page of their favorite characters.

NutriBiotic, Pure Coconut Oil Soap Unscented 2 fl oz
NutriBiotic, Pure Coconut Oil Soap Unscented 2 fl oz


Nutribiotic - Pure Coconut Oil Soap Travel Size Unscented - 2 oz. (59 ml) Nutribiotic Travel Size Unscented Pure Coconut Oil Soap is handmade by Nutribiotic in their historic California facility. NutriBiotic Coconut Oil Soap is sourced from sustainable, certified organic coconuts. The coconuts are processed without chemicals, to extract pure, virgin coconut oil. The coconut oils is then organically saponified with alkali per the National Organic Program, producing a soap of natural fatty acids and glycerin. This biodegradable soap is blended with natural citric acid for pH stability and packaged in a protective #2 HDPE container for easy use and recycling. NutriBiotic Coconut Oil Soap provides a great cleansing lather. Nutribiotic's Pure Coconut Oil Soap is very simply and consciously produced using the best ingredients available, including pure coconut oil. Great all-purpose soap! Simply use as a body cleanser, in hair, on pets, laundry, and most household surfaces. Biodegradable Preservative Free GMO Free 100% Vegan Not Tested on Animals No Refined or Bleached Coconut Oil Available in Peppermint & Bergamot and Unscented Nutribiotic's Pure Coconut Oil Soap is handmade in their historic California facility. NutriBiotic's StoryIn 1980, after nearly ten years in the nutritional supplement industry, NutriBiotic was founded based on the principle that everyone deserves good health. Inspired by the research and recommendations of the world's only two-time Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling, Ph.D, NutriBiotic began work on development of a variety of forms and dosages of Vitamin C and other nutrients. NutriBiotic felt that the public should have the best possible variety of the best possible nutrients at the best possible price, and our initial successes with our family of products showed that you thought so too.


Pets International Critter Litter 4 Pounds - 100079487
Pets International Critter Litter 4 Pounds - 100079487

Pet Supplies

Made from all natural non-toxic betonies. Premium-quality potty training material. For training ferrets rabbits pet rats and other small animals. Specially formulated to be 99% dust-free. Super absorbent. In combination with a potty training program. Reduce cage cleaning. Resalable bag: 4 lbs. Dimensions: 11.25" H x 8.5" W x 3.5" D.