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Huion New 1060 Plus Graphic Drawing Tablet with Built-in 8GB MicroSD Card and 12 Express Keys

by Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology LTD.
Price: $89.99 Buy Now

  • Free Gifts: 1 Carrying Case that guards your Huion Tablet from scratches and scrapes, 1 Glove that reduces the friction between your hand and the tablet surface
  • Resolution: 5080 Report Rate: 233 RPS
  • Difference with the original 1060PLUS in Appearance: Full-Area Surface Cover, Pen Carrier, and Thinner Border, which makes the drawing surface bigger

Product description

About Huion
Huion is a nationally supported and promoted high-tech enterprise which has the core technology and ability to research and develop independently. Huion tablets are designed to inspire people's creativity with our patented pen so that you can naturally draw as you would with the real pen and paper

Built-in Card Reader. Comes with a 8GB MircoSD Card, which makes it more convenient to save and bring along your artwork. Can be extended to Maximum 64GB.
Active Area: 10" x 6.25" The most popular size of the Huion lines. Large and comfortable to draw on. Pen Pressure: 2048 Levels With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, this tablet can create variations in line width and opacity, which makes you feel as if you are drawing with a real pen.
Resolution: 5080 LPI High resolution, which ensures low distortion, resulting in very smooth and accurate lines.
Report Rate: 233 RPS High report rate, which makes the tablet more responsive to the pen
12 Express Keys and 16 Soft Keys. The 12 physical express-keys on the left and 16 soft keys on the top of the drawing surface are all customizable, which provides you a plethora of ways to tailor your software experience and raise your work efficiency
Support OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac 10.8.0 or later versions. Widely used for 3D program design, industrial design, image editing, digital graphics drawing, online education, comic and animation design fields

What's in the Box
Huion NEW 1060PLUS tablet (an 8GB MicroSD Card included)
Rechargeable Pen
Pen Stand
USB cable for the tablet
USB cable for the rechargeable pen
User manual

Free Gifts
Huion Cura Glove CR-01
Huion Carrying Bag

Huion INSPIROY H640P Digital Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet with BATTERY-FREE Pen 8192 Pressure Sensitivity and 6 Shortcut Keys

by Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology Co.,LTD
Price: $54.98 Buy Now

  • Sleek and Portable Design: 6.3 x 3.9 inches in working area, 8MM in thickness and 277g in weight which is easy to carry wherever you want. Ideal for beginners and students in digital drawing, painting, photo editing, sketching and so on
  • 6 Customizable Shortcut Keys allow to set the keys according to your preference. It helps to speed up work efficiency. A press-lock key design to avoid misoperation, if you don't want to use the shortcut keys you can turn it off. Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users
  • Battery-FREE Stylus PW100: H640P is the first Huion pen tablet come with battery-free stylus. No more charging and no more batteries. Work and draw won't be interrupted and make the operation more efficient

Product description

With a 6.3-by-3.9 inch work area, allowing you to have a wide viewing area, providing an excellent experience for its users. Also it can be setup for both left and right handed use.

Ultra-thin---Gigantic Work Surface With a 8.7-by-5.4 inch work area, no more restricted by space, ensures greater productivity. The fuselage is thin to 8mm, as thin as the mobile phone.

Stay in your creative zone with a battery-free tablet and a battery-free pen that never needs to be charged and six customizable ExpressKeys that put your favorite shortcuts at your fingertips. When you're ready to create, H640p is the best choice!

Newly Designed of the use of the whole plate laminated design of the tablet, no border design, the front of the tablet is designed with special material of the plate material, you can write smoothly and naturally, no obstacles during your creation.

The back of the tablet designed with a large anti-skid pad---stable,and closing to the desktop. comfortable to work with.

10mm sensor height, the tablet industry professional touch sensitivity. Digital pen in the board does not exceed 10mm high range of places can be perceived.

We designed a shortcut key in the side of tablet for avoiding accidentally touch when not use it for a long time. Bring convenient during your creation!

Package Contents:
A.Pen tablet*1
B.Battery-free pen*1
C.Micro USB Cable*1
D.Pen holder*1 (Integrated with nib clip )
E.Placement nibs*8 (inside the pen holder)
F.Quick start guide*1

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YouTube's Young Viewers Are Becoming Its Creators 10/02/15, via New York Times

Like a lot of American adolescents, 14-year-old Archer Murray and his 11-year-old sister, Cady, spend their free time reading, playing games, talking with friends and watching videos on the Internet. With their laptops, cellphones and tablets, The

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In recent years, her illustrations have moved beyond the page into animation, video and large-scale projections. Control, Exploitation And T-Mobile CEO says he is "incredibly angry" about the privacy breach and offers free credit monitoring for

Free 2D Animation Programs for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Here are some awesome 2D animation software that are free to download and use. I was able to reuse works from various artists here on Youtube and would.


The Art of 3D

The Art of 3D

Published by John Wiley & Sons 2015

ISBN 0471430366,9780471430360
451 pages

An updated, richly illustrated guide to creating 3D animation and special effects offers a step-by-step approach to the latest artistic and technical 3D animation techniques, taking readers through the entire process of creating a fully rendered 3D computer animation on any computer platform and covering such topics as multiple production pipelines, motion capture, image-based rendering, and more. Original. (Intermediate)

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Adult Swim came into existence in 2001 when I was in college, right smack in the target audience for their programming. It was considered a risky experiment for Cartoon Network at the time, since the idea of cartoons for adults was still considered novel. Sure, FOX had their Sunday night animation block, but that was still considered family-friendly fare. The only animated shows that really needed to be shown late at night due to content concerns were things like "South Park" and "Celebrity Death Match. " Moreover, Adult Swim, based out of Atlanta's Williams Street Studios, was very conscious of the fact that they were sharing space on the dial with Cartoon Network, which had been unambiguously aimed at kids from the very beginning. So the early commercial bumpers sternly warned small children that it was time to get out of the pool. There's still a buffer zone in the evening hours, where reruns of network sitcoms like "Family Guy" and "King of the Hill" help transition to the more hard-edged stuff that airs after midnight. From the start, I was primarily interested in the Saturday night anime block, as I was still in my rabid otaku phase. It's a much lower profile part of the Adult Swim brand, but this is still the place American television where you can most reliably find broadcasts of popular anime like "Attack on Titan," "Naruto," and the ever-popular "Cowboy Bebop. " And despite some ups and downs over the years, and a period where the anime was almost phased out of Adult Swim completely, I think that Adult Swim has done right by its anime fans. They've taken some big risks on various programs over the years, and a generation of American anime fans owe them thanks for popularizing some of their favorites. I haven't watched the block in years since I stopped having a schedule that regularly let me stay up until 2AM, but I was gratified to see that the current lineup is still full of weird, wild, and wonderful shows like "Michiko and Hatchin" and... Of course, Adult Swim really gained its notoriety for the original shows they premiered on Sunday nights. I liked the action spoof "Venture Brothers," nostalgic action figure sketch show "Robot Chicken," and a scattering of the others, but mostly I found the offerings from the early years bizarre. "Space Ghost," "Harvey Birdman," and "SeaLab 2021" recycled old Hanna Barbera cartoons into dark absurdist sitcoms. Could these shows have existed anywhere else on cable television. I suppose "The Boondocks" could have aired somewhere else, but not with the same amount of creative freedom. Moreover, the whole attitude of the network (which became independent of Cartoon Network after 2005) was uniquely casual and experimental. They would play infuriating April Fools pranks on their audience, like pre-empting shows to broadcast Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" multiple times. They ran contests that let specific viewers decide the programming on certain dates. I got the distinct feeling that it really didn't matter what Adult Swim aired as much as the subversive, snarky, Millennial-friendly atmosphere they cultivated. They put out a lot of crud back in the day - strange, interesting crud, but still crud. I'm still not sure what to make of "Perfect Hair Forever" or "Tom Goes to the Mayor," shows only the most addled of stoners could love. Developing that creative free-for-all environment at Williams Street played a big part in Adult Swim's recent successes, though. As a staunch animation defender, I was a little resentful that the block started airing live action programming a few years ago, but soon I understood that "Childrens Hospital," "The Eric André Show," and the rest were in the same vein of cheap,... And then last year, after well over a decade of obscurity, suddenly Adult Swim went mainstream. Syndicated reruns of shows like "Family Guy" had been bringing in big ratings for a while, but "Rick and Morty" was their first home-grown hit, regularly beating everything in its timeslot on both cable and network television. Then their sporadic "infomercial" block premiered a live action spoof on '80s sitcom theme songs called "Too Many Cooks," which immediately.

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FLIF is a New Free Lossless Image Format That Raises the Compression Bar - 10/02/15, via

Features of the format include grayscale/RGB/RGBA, 16-bit color depth, interlaced/non-interlaced, and support for animation ... free. It’s released under the GNU General Public License, and is royalty-free and not encumbered by software patents.

GenArts Releases Sapphire 9 - 10/02/15, via Studio Daily

We've also added animation graphs to all parameters ... The new version is available free of charge to Upgrade and Support customers and current subscribers. Sapphire pricing depends on the host software. A permanent license for use with all "Group 1 ...

New Children's Museum offers fall discounts for planetarium activities - 10/02/15, via West Hartford News

From live action shows about the technology used to travel in space, to animated programs to encourage future scientists ... all planetarium shows will be free to museum members and $1.50 for non-member visitors. This is the perfect opportunity to view ...


  1. Free Computer Animation Programs - Tech Publisher: XoYo Software License: Free Comments: Simple GIF animation and splitting program. Software: ... Free Animation Programs. Computer Animation Reference ...
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web recomendado,
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Photo by ottonassar on Flickr
768 x 768 pixels - blue-pattern I (re)created this pattern in Blender (a free 3D modelling, rendering, animation, and game engine program from I'm still new to Blender so it took several hours for me to figure out how to do it right. That, and I did it the hard way while learning Blender was not the best choice for creating patterns like this. Afterwards, someone told me about Inkscape ( ). Anyway, I was inspired by these photos of a "Ramadan" Arabic pattern taken by Dennis M. Andrews de paul: Needless to say, it took a while to figure out how to reproduce this pattern from the photos, let alone in Blender by creating vertices and lines. Then I subdivided about 2 dozen times and used a "halo" material. Also, I plan on releasing a lantern model made (almost finished) in Blender and using this pattern for the glass. CC. Some rights reserved. Ramadan_blue-pattern by Benjamin...
Photo by bsperan on Flickr
Interactive animation: Creating Bubbles (Computer-generated illustration)
Interactive animation: Creating Bubbles (Computer-generated illustration)
This illustration has been generated randomly by the user interacting with computer code ActionScript 3. Check the interactive animation here: How to create random size, color and alpha objects on a random position on the stage using ActionScript 3 language: var yourObject:Sprite = new Sprite(); var yourRandomColor:ColorTransform = new ColorTransform(); var yourStageWidth:Number = stage.stageWidth; var yourStageHeight:Number = stage.stageHeight; var yourObjectBorderColor:ColorTransform = new ColorTransform(); stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, createRandomObjects); function createRandomObjects(event:KeyboardEvent):void { var key = event.keyCode; switch (key) { case Keyboard.SPACE : var i:Number = 0; for(i = 0; i < 5; i++) { var yourObject:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); = i + "yourObject"; addChild(yourObject); } yourObject.x = (Math.round(Math.random()*yourStageWidth));...
Photo by PistoCasero on Flickr
Animation and Video Blog: Pencil - Free 2D Animation Software
Animation and Video Blog: Pencil - Free 2D Animation Software
Inkscape is a free vector image editor/creator similar to Adobe ...
Inkscape is a free vector image editor/creator similar to Adobe ...
Image by
Morpheus Photo Animation Suite 3.16 Download
Morpheus Photo Animation Suite 3.16 Download
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