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Outdoor trumpet multi - functional lifesaving shoveling camping + Compass (green)

by Yixin
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  • Very easy tool, but also does not account for the place, (equivalent to the size of the camera bag) weighs only 500 grams, at home you can use it to plant flowers and grass! Is essential for home travel!
  • Multi-function shovel
  • + Compass

Product description

Name: Multifunctional spade Expanded length: 40cm Spade face width: 10cm Shovel length: 12.5cm Ho length: 11cm Net weight: 0.4kg Packing size: 11 * 17cm Equipped with portable camouflage coat, can be linked to the waist (design rationalization, the volume of small easy to carry, bayonet design science) Features: a variety of purposes, very suitable camping, tents, mountain climbing, adventure, tourism, finishing home garden, expedition and other outdoor activities is a good helper, with shovel, pick, saw, pull nail slot and other functions. Features: can be folded, small size, easy to carry. After the start is a shovel, a pick is a ho. Can be bent, folding, handle can be horizontal can be vertical, outdoor camping essential goods

Lean PowerPoint Training Pack (28 PowerPoint Presentations, 26 Lean Forms & Tools, 40 Lean Terms on PDF)

by Velaction Continuous Improvement
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  • INCLUDES LEAN LEADERSHIP MODULE GROUP: Fundamentals of A3 Thinking, Change Management, Countermeasures, Daily Management, Lean Management Overview, Managing with Metrics, Working with Metrics, Policy Deployment
  • Get 28 highly visual Lean PowerPoint presentations (606 slides!). Issued with corporate licenses (NOTE: Not for consultant use to train 3rd party companies).
  • INCLUDES LEAN 101 MODULE GROUP: Lean Overview, Quality Overview, Standardization Overview, Value/NVA, Waste Identification (Seven Wastes)

Product description

The right Lean training materials make all the difference in your continuous improvement efforts. Our PowerPoint presentations from Velaction's Lean Training System can help you get much more out of your limited training time. Our presentations distill down just the right information so you can keep your trainees engaged without the dreaded 'death by PowerPoint'. The slides are highly visual, and contain many animations that hold the interest of your team. The graphics are made with native PowerPoint functionality and open source images so you can modify them as needed (i.e. flexibility vs. the rigidity of graphic artist designed images). And because this training is part of an extensive system, you can even add additional components (DVDs, student guides, training exercises, MP3, and much, much more.) Included with this package are our Lean Forms and our Lean Terms disks at no additional cost. These contain all the forms used in the presentations, and a wealth of handouts you can give to your trainees to make our already great training even better. Corporate license for PowerPoint presentations allows use throughout your corporate reporting unit (Rule of thumb: each organization reporting to its own president will need a license. Limited to organizations with 20,000 employees or fewer.)