Australian Shepherd Pup

Blitz Aus Shepherd

by Douglas
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  • Douglas

Product description

10? tall Blitz the stuffed Australian Shepherd is beautiful! Realistic coloring with unique mix of fabric make this stuffed Aussie pup life-like and ready for cuddles! Ages: 24 Months & Up Washing Instructions: SurfaceDouglas Toys makes beautiful, soft, cuddly items with distinctive expressions and gestures that speak quality and value unlike any other plush. Douglas Toys is known for its breed-specific stuffed animals that go beyond the average teddy bear.

Schleich Schleich animal figures Australian Shepherd (pups)

by Schleich
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  • Age: 3 years old or more
  • Parallel import goods
  • The main manufacturing countries: China

Product description

It's shipped off from Japan.